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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Father and son's Turkey on Thanksgiving day!

Thanksgiving day was also my son's father's birthday this year.
He came over and cooked a Turkey.
My son is not living with his father since he was two and half year old.
We started this combination of two celebrations (Thanksgiving and Birthday) having a family dinner eight years ago at my house.

This year,
Father handed his Turkey recipe to his son.
Turkey recipe - Soften 2 sticks of butter at room temperature and mix in herbs - basil, garlic, pepper, parsley (chopped). Clean the Turkey and then rub the butter mixture over the breast, legs and thighs. Any left put inside the turkey along with a quartered lemon, stick of celery and a quartered onion. Also put inside salt and pepper. Warm up the oven to 350 degrees. Cook the turkey 20 minutes per pound and then let stand outside the oven for 15 minutes before serving.

Uncooked turkey is pretty much scary looking to me.
I know when a turkey gets tan, he is really good looking!

Our turkey was getting a little tan after one hour in the oven. Father put potato around it.
Potato recipe - Boil them for about 10 minutes so they aren't quite cooked then put them around the turkey for the last hour of cooking.

We waited another two more hours.

Look at our turkey,, gorgeous!

Potato were still in the oven.
Father asked son to cut a turkey. Son struggled to cut it too much. So father needed to show the way of cutting.
Hurry up. "I'm hungry!" Mom said. (It's me!)

It was a delicious dinner, the potatoes were especially great!!! Crispy and tasty. Vegetables were cooked right but he forgot to cook stuffing. Ready made stuffing was on the table but we did not approve of that taste.

My son was asking where is the whipped cream when I was preparing our desserts.
My son opened the refrigerator without me seeing what he was doing. I said, "Don't use it!"
His father was taking a nap at the chair because he was tired from cooking or Tryptophan in Turkey?
Our son setup the Video Camera and put shaving cream instead of whipped cream on his hand.
His father was half wake and ate it. Oh, my,, he was spitting it all over the floor.

Two of them blamed me because I didn't let my son use whipped cream!

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stacysews said...

The turkey looks delicious!!