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Friday, March 30, 2012

Sparkling Paris Group is on sale @ Spoonflower. New colorways and coordinates.

I like new Sparkling Paris too. The coordinates are cute too.
I can't wait to make small projects with them.

I got a question @ Hoodie's Collection Facebook. Hope it helps!

Is she reprinting these with a different company?

My discontinued designs for Blank Quilting are available on Spoonflower. I'm getting many requests of my fabrics from individual customers. Even I can't get my design fabrics once the company runs out.
Spoonflower can print individual quantity. Besides, customer can choose 10 or more different fabrics (Silk, Canvas, Knit, Linen, Cotton, more), and you can customize size of design.
Their digital prints are not like screen print. Colors are different with screen print.
Spoonflower's fabric is an option for Hoodie's design Lover! It is a same concept with my Zazzle products. Please enjoy them!

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