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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rumba Group is on sale @ Spoonflower. New colorways and coordinates.

Spring version of Rumba!
One more designs go with this group. The design is in Bird body.
I haven't ordered strike-off yet. Two colorways.

My basics (Check and Dot) goes any groups.
They are coming soon on spoonflower soon.
New colors for my Hoop dot. I love Orange and Lime color.
I really like Step 'n Seed's New colorways.
This Rumba group for timely for SPRING.

Spring had come a month earlier than usual.
My Magnolias are almost blossom.

Well, Well, It is nice, but we still chasing show for skiing.
We are going to drive to North around EASTER!!!!

I got test prints (Strike-off) in 12 days.
Three groups are standing by for Strike-off. 30 designs are going to re-strike-off.
One design was dropped.
I think it is pretty good for first time experience with Spoonflower!!!!

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