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Sunday, February 5, 2012

My lovery Fish on baby's and Mom wears Apron pants suit at home!

Timeless Treasures fabrics, Hayden took the picture of it at Infantissima's booth.
Their portable nap mat. Coordinating bibs and burp cloths were also on display!

Oops, I see the my old design in their catalog. They must like my design!
I missed this booth! Sad!
This style is my dress for the quilt show. I don't have sewing pattern yet.
If you are interested, please push me to make, haha.
My stationery line was at Greeting Life America.
We sold my greeting cards and notebooks, "Catch of the cay" group was best seller for the show.
We carry same designs for composition book and Greeting card.
Hope, they will be in my store soon. If you can't wait, contact Hoodie!

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