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Friday, February 3, 2012

By the way, Gift Fair report. I like them!

This is "Catstudio"'s wall. I just love it.
They painted on news papers. I love these recycled ideas.

I was surprised there was many many jewelry booths at the gift show. Handmade - North pavilion , I say, 80% for jewelry's. Besides Pier provided jewelry section as well. Besides main section had many jewelry booths. WHY???
Peru, Peru, Peru....
I saw many Peru products. Bags, Belts, decorations, clothes, more.
I love the products, but it wasn't cheap either.
Felts, I love felt products. Felts stone rug!
This towel by FRESCO TOWELS, they have gorgeous towels.
They are expensive, but you should check them out!!!!

I'm going to sell my taste goods @ Hoodie in the box soon.
I got very nice earrings line in this show! Green Tree Jewelry!
Not only that ----- I will put vintage and garage sale section too.
Will post soon!

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