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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Join the Crochet Dude at Etsy Labs @ Etsy Craft night

I was with Simplicity members, at Etsy 7th floor on Monday.

And Drew and Brett. Brett Bana was interviewing Drew.
Drew was holding my fabric, Hoop dots Col/ Eggplant
Craft night started 4:00, ended 8:00.
I bought some my new fabrics for TT with me.
She was using my Lemon and Raindrops fabrics.Simplicity Deluxe Rotary Cutting and Embossing Machine is amazing. It cut two layers fabrics, even 4 layers. Joint each fabric stripe. Make fabric thread. Then, crochet it.The project was a coaster.

My mother was a master of crochet and knit. I was watching her master pieces since I was a little. I learned from my mother. Besides I had school projects a couple of times. So I can make some easy crochet projects.

Some people never tried crochet in their life. The day was their first trial.
It seems they were hard to hold yarn (or fabric stripe), so they are easy to lose their process.
Once they got the point, they could had made their own coaster.

It was fun to teach people, because I could see happy smile after they could has made their master pieces!!!!! It was my first time to teach crochet in English. I didn't know right English words for crochet, but my demonstrations were helped. Smile!
This coaster is my master piece.
Using the fabrics - Nettie Dots/Brown, Bubble Dots/ Red and Leaf My three collections (Nettie Dots, Raindrops, and Bubble dots) are very good for fabric stripe crochet or knitting projects. Because the collection has many colors and can make much color coordination. I'm planning to make crochet projects using my fabrics. Maybe, hat and bag.
I want to try for knitting too.This coaster made by April. Hoop dots / Eggplant and ForestAfter craft time, many people were taking pictures @ photo stand.I thought "What's a mess"
it wasn't a mess!
These were props for a picture taken.After the event, we walked a couple of blocks to find our dinner!!!!
We didn't go any of place in the pictures. We went to Sushi place. They had Hot and sour miso soup. I never heard it. Spicy tuna! It is a American sushi. Hot and sour miso soup is a Chinese Japanese soup. It is very creative foods. I can't eat this taste in Japan!There was two beautiful American girls with fan at Sushi restaurant!All about craft night @ Dumbo.


aprilnyc said...

It was a fun night. Thanks for the great fabric!

aprilnyc said...

you can see the photos I took on Monday

Hoodie said...

Great pictures! Everybody, go and check it out.