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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Be a strong, like a weed. Like Tampopo!

I remember,
My American friend was pulling Tampopo, and she was very upset about Tampopo at their yard.
She mumbled, "I hate weeds."
Americans pick up Tampopo, blow the seeds and wish, too.
Their wish is going to everywhere and became weeds.
Then they hate Tampopo again.
I'm happy to see yellow weeds at my yard.
It should be OUT, but I let them stay.
I have good memories of my childhood with weeds and my father.
My father didn't want to stay his country side where he was born and raised. (Nagano)
He moved the city (Osaka) with his family. I was three and half.
He missed nature in the city. So he and I went to fishing and correcting plants at the mountain often.
We walked and walked. He never drove the car in his life.
When he lost his way, he said,
"Don't get a panic, the road will show where we should go. It takes us right place."
We picked up weeds and played with them.

When people see Tampopo in Japan where is destroyed and suffering right now.
They appreciate it, and they will be a strong like a weed. We should be like a weed.

Wish! - Prediction
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