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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Alliances: People, Patterns, Passion

I had been thinking what is my imagination from Alliances: People, Patterns, Passion for a long time.
I started making it 4 days before the dead line March 7th.
I'm a last minute LUCY! as usual.

I have been making quilts since 2009 for the "Small Wall Quilt Challenge 2009" by Simplicity.
I got first place for 2010
The Breast Cancer Awareness Designer Bandana Quilt Challenge.

I made one for our Tokyo show.
It is still 4th quilts in my life.
I should make more quilts.
BUT I don't still. So I can't miss my opportunity to make
a quilt.

I have been using my own fabrics for my quilts so far.
I have had chosen from more than 100 fabrics for Blank Quilting, wow!

Fabrics - Hoodie's recent fabric line Veggie Patch
Spoon & Fork, Egg dots for Bias Tape from Morning Call, Joy Basket for Blank quilting

Title - A veggie doll has a dream. Size - 16x16
My statement for the quilt.
The image is a paper doll that I played with when I was a little.
I drew many dolls until I got satisfied to find the right doll after I made the veggie field.
There was passion, harmony and healthy fresh harvest in veggie field.
She was the ONE who wears the "Tomato Dress".
She dreams every day. She enjoys each dress 7 days a week.
Her dream is coming true, soon.
I'm sure mine is different from others because I'm not a quilter yet.
Soon I will be.
I enjoyed the concept and making it.
Amy E. Milne / Executive Director / The Alliance for American Quilts
She is putting all quilts on Youtube.  She put all now. #1 to #119
Please check it out.

Special THANK YOU!!!! to you.
I have been praying for my country, Japan.
I'm receiving many email and messages on Facebook from my American family and friends.
My love who are in Japan, they are all right.
A family, they used to living by us. Their second girl, she was same class with my son when they were in Kindergarten. They went back to Sendai, Japan 2004. We lost our contact for 5 years now. I have no clue to find them right now.
Please pray for them.
We need to be strong include me.
Thank you for your support.

Best Regards,

1 comment:

Amy Milne said...

Thanks for posting your "Alliances" contest quilt, Hoodie! Including your family and friends in Japan in my good thoughts.