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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wa-urara original cute Obi Hoodie's Collection in Japan.

Wa-urara is Kimono store in Osaka, Japan.
The owner of wa-urara saw my first group "Morning Call"
At her first glance she got an idea.

These ideas produced a new look in kimono fashion.

She is making new style of Obi using Hoodie's Collection fabrics and selling them at her store.
It is unusual using Cotton fabrics for Obi. She found a denim kimono that perfectly matches with Hoodie's Collection's Obi.
Kasane-eri (showing neck area Egg Dots - Col/Tomato) is very cute. She is planing to make Tabi (Socks) coordinating with Kasane-eri and Obi.
This denim kimono can be wore during all seasons.

It is showing three different fabrics on the back. These combinations make stylish and modern looks. I love it!
Hanging Obi on the wall that is great display in your room and shop.
These are "Hoodie's Hand Bags" that one of projects from "Besides Half Apron"
Fabrics group "Medetai"
She made a Yukata (Summer kimono) using "Sparkling Paris" Poodle design. These are test sewing for the new sets of Yukata and Obi for summer.
I'm in Osaka, Japan. It is very very hot.
I've been seeing many Japanese young people wearing Yukata and summer kimono.
It looks like it keeps things allot cooler than wearing normal summers clothes.


Hoodie Clothing said...

I think some of the textile pattern on these robes are just amazing. Love to know what material they are made from?

katie jean said...

I love this! The mix of tradition and modern is very cool. Leave it Japan for ingenuity! and style :)

Hoodie said...

Thank you for your comments, both of you!
The material - Cotton fabrics. Hoodie's Collection for Blank Quilting.