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Monday, July 20, 2009

Two Besides Half Aprons by Stacy.

StacySew did test sewing for my Besides Half and Full, both Aprons.
She followed my instructions and made all of the projects that were included. She was a great helper for fixing mistakes and finding unclear directions.

We are good friends since she bought my Reversible Apron Pattern and reviewed it on in 2007.

We have a great relationship even though we have never met.
Thank you for everything Stacy!

When she tested the sewing of my Half Apron, she used her leftover Morning Call Group Fabrics.

Patchwork idea of Besides Half apron!
I love it.
We checked the instructions, typing and spelling over and over.
We did all of the work needed, but I'd found little mistakes still leftover. I couldn't believe it!
My final copy of the sewing pattern was the toughest decision to make ever.

I love the process of creations.
Create designs for fabrics > Send them to printer > Check print sample on fabrics > Fixing Colors and combination > Proof >
Then I can get my fabrics a couple of months later.

I start to sew bags, aprons or something that are images in my head (ideas).
I sketch my ideas sometimes. I start making without sketches sometimes too.
I'm always excited when I find the style that I want or if there are better ideas than my first ideas.

Making sewing pattern's instructions is very intense work!
I prefer creating artwork or projects than making sewing patterns.

I do all work in sewing patterns - Illustrations, making products and taking photos of them, layout pages and all graphics work without anyone's help. So I get overwhelmed in the process of making my sewing patterns mostly.

"I won't do it again!" I say so when I'm making sewing instructions.

Whenever I get an idea of new style of project.

I start to think,

I have to make instructions.
It is very similar feeling of giving birth for baby.

I hope you can enjoy my babies!


katie jean said...

you are so funny! I have seen your patterns. So much work getting it all together. You are obviously talented. But I bet your business is growing fast right now. How do you keep up and stay sane?

Hoodie said...

So much work getting it all together.
I know!, but the challenge make you busy and happy?
I’m doing another challenge right now.