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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Artwork in Paris! - Food!

I found many things in common between Japan and France.
One is food, food, food!

Many of my friends said me, "You should go to Paris. You will love it there."
I didn't have the chance to go there for a long, long, long time.
Finally, I was in Paris. Now I know why.

I was thinking about food since I woke up and all day long.
I went to the bakery at the corner of the street. I ordered un double café and un croissant.
I was in heaven to drink strong, delicious café in the morning!
Très Bien!
One of our lunches was at Gérard Depardieu's restaurant.
La Fontaine Gaillon.
A waiter didn't mention to us that they had a lunch menu and he recommended to us all the fried foods in their menu.
The reason why he did this?
Because we spoke English? We are American? It wasn't a nice attitude. I needed to say something to him! Otherwise it was nice place to have a lunch.
The lunch menu was around 40 Euro.
At least we had "Foie gras" for our starter.
(Expensive? Yes!) (Good? Yes!) - Sorry, no picture!
Here is my main dish. (Picture below)
This is view from my chair. (Picture below) There were hotels across the street.
I could see MIRO's artwork in our room. I recognized it was his artwork at once.
I couldn't take a picture of it but it is in my memory.

We ended up in the restaurant called "CHEZ PAPA" our first night in Paris.
We wandered our area (MONTPARNASSE/6E ) without looking at the map for two hours. We didn't know North or South, East or West.
We saw TOUR EIFFEL from a distance.It was very, very beautiful even if we didn't know where we were.
Finally, we got back to one of bars that was in a familiar area. I insisted to get one beer at the bar. I was very thirsty!

A man (He was around late 20's) was working over the counter. He spilled one of the glasses toward me. It seemed that he asked me
"Are you OK?" in French.
I had a chance to ask him. "How do I say OK in French?"
"OK is OK in French!"
"We are hungry, where should we go to eat?"
He asked, "What do you want to eat? French?" "Why not?"
He gave us directions and the name of the restaurant. Just as we were about leave, I whispered to him, "Don't tell anyone, I'm a tourist." He smiled at me.
We walked around the cemetery yard that was surrounded by a wall. The place was very big.
We didn't see any one walking on that street. When the cemetery wall finally ended, there was "CHEZ PAPA"
Thank God!!!!
A lady was sitting at the end of the table. When we were seated, she looked at us and said, "Bonsoir"
I believed she was French.
We asked a waitress. "Do you have an English menu?"
The lady seated said something in English to us, it was perfect English.
She was an American. She was born in NY, where we come from. Wow!
The light was above us! She helped us order and gave us much information about Paris.
Gérard Depardieu's restaurant was one of them.
She is a flight attendant of American Airlines. She travels to Paris often, of course!
She was surprised that we were in a local restaurant. It was south French food and Très Bien!
I guess I'm a master of traveling. I know how to get local info. from local people.
We had a lot of fun conversations with our wine. It was a nice start in Paris.
Thank you, Joni!

I will post our other dinner places sometime. All of them were very good and we enjoyed drinking wine wherever and whenever we ate!

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