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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Good Luck Karma!

I drew this cat for our house warming party's invitation card 14 years ago.
I had just moved to the USA.
I'm wondering what is "Good Luck Karma"?
These cats are called Maneki-neko in Japanese.
"Maneki" means "Inviting". "Neko" means "Cat"
Translated into English, "Lucky cat"
I saw them at many restaurant entrances when I was a little.
"The cat is inviting people to come in", my mother said.
Whenever I'm looking for a good restaurant in an unfamiliar area,
I check to see how many customers are in there.
When I see it is busy, it is good sign! I want to try this place.
I know you do the same way to find your new favorite places.


Kris said...

Welcome to blogland Hoodie! You'll meet lots of fun people on here - I'll add you to my list right now :) Kris

bernadette said...

I found your blog on Stacy Sews blog!
I read your list of favorite movies and I have a book/movie to recommend: " I Capture the Castle". Read the book or listen to the audiobook version (which is what I did - the voice actor is good)first, if possible. It's romantic and quirky.

Ori said...

Hey Hoodie!

Liked the picture of the cat.

I believe it is best to ask people for recommendations about restaurants, as there are many "underground" restaurants that are only passed down by word.

Welcome to the USA!