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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

May every day of 2015 bring you sweet surprises that fill your life with happiness.
Cotton ball sheep in the sky says, "Keep challenging, keep creating, keep seeking,
move on ....
then see the next step in your right time!

I feel like I was sleeping the whole year of 2014 because I didn't post my activities on Hoodie's Land.
I did many things, I created many projects, I had a lot of fun activities, but I just didn't post any of them. I didn't update my website in 2014 either. I really didn't look at my site enough. 

I've updated my website on new year's holiday. Fabric Door - add 5 pages, Accessory Door had changed to "Needlework" Door - add 5 pages. Baa's "More career" add two pages.

I'm still working on my site,  but so far, so good!

Finally, I'm moving on!

I'm downsizing my stuff for my next step. Actually, it is a significant step.
It is imperative I should know "what I need" "what I don't need" in my life. 

The year of the sheep! Chinese New Year begins on Feb 19th. But I follow Japanese way,
New Year begins on Jan 1st! Baaaaaa...!

P.S. I have been struggling to use Dreamweaver CC. I used CS4 too long, I guess
Many troubles shootings. If you come onto my site in a bad timing, picture of Cuckoo Hoodie!

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