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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Felting class by Michele Muska @ the ETSY Labs on DEC 5th.

We came early for setting and interview.
Michele and Brett had the meeting before shooting.
Michele showed all samples and how to use the machine.

  • Bottom - Michele's felting quilt. The picture is on the box of Needlefelting Machines.
  • Top - Felting on soft felt.Cut it stripe that can be a bracelet.
  • Top - Dogie cloth was using Simplicity pattern.
  • Middle - Felting on Silk Chiffon, Gorgeous!
  • Bottom - Felting on the black felt and cut the based felt. It was cool looking.
Felting a large felt and cut it the shape like socks, ornaments, tree.
Any shape you want!
For Christmas ornaments. Even you can use it for a Christmas card.
Simplicity donated 6 Machines.
12 needle felting machine is powerful. Truly, I love this machine.
You can enjoy felting @ Etsy now.
Michele was a great teacher.
The needles were easy to break. It is not necessary 12 needles on the machine.
It can use any number of needles.
Santa Ornament, is this great?I couldn't do my projects much because I was dealing with broken needles.
Then needles were run out.
Hope I can make something from here!This camera was watching our fun time @ Etsy Labs. My friend Jennifer who are living in the same town where I live.
She is a writer and craftster.
Finally, she could make the night with me.
We can come here often to get fun!Check it out, The ETSY Blog

Three of us went to Eataly for our dinner. Well, well, well, We were so happy at there!!!!
We were "LA PIAZZA" Check it out!!!!!


Allison Ann Aller said...

Thank you for posting this, Hoodie. It is so much fun to see Michelle in action!

JodieD said...

Wish I'd been able to make it there. What fun!!! Next time...

JodieD said...

Wish I;d been able to be there. What fun!

JodieD said...

Wish I;d been able to be there. What fun!