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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hoodie's Goodies @ NY Gift Show from 14th to 18th.

Hoodie's Goodies @ Greeting Life America Booth #1752. 53. 55 from 14th to 18th NY Gift Show.

You see a Pineapple Applique Greeting card in the box.
Hand-made Greeting card 5x7 Envelope
(Fruits and veggies)
Set of 6 / Single
You see onions behind Goodie's sign.
That is Hand-made Notecard 4.25x5.5 Envelope Set of 6.
(Fruits, veggies and more)
Set of 6 / Single
They are not @ Hoodie in the box yet.
Because they are New, New, New.
More cards.
All cards go with aprons and iPad Handbag.
New style of the apron is called "Monique Apron"
Full Apron that covers all your body. Straw straps. Wearing with button in your back.
Length 32" Wide 51" and three pockets.
It like a dress. Recommendation 100%.

I made the stands. I cut corrugated boxes and made mannequins.
Are they cool???
A lot of work! But it was fun!
These two styles, Little Carpenter Apron and Cafe Apron are using Veggies fabrics.
Great idea corner!
New item is iPad handbag.
Handles are removable. It is very stylish besides practical.
Bell Pot Holder (Set of 2) Smart!!!!
Attention!!!! This Green stand was made by Hoodie, too.
Each Apron has more than 10 different fabric designs.
Hope I can put new lines on Hoodie's Goodies site soon.I already got request of Oven mitts and Pot Holder from many customers.
Unfortunately, I discontinued previous style.
But,,,, I promise, new styles are coming soon.

More picturesAnnabel L/LL (She is 5'6"), Circular Apron(She is 5'2") and iPad bag.Annabel S/M Laminated fabric and iPad bagMonique Apron and iPad bag.

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