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Monday, July 26, 2010

Feeling of Nostalgia, Chocolates and Dots.

Lesley introduce my Joy Basket on her blog.

They are called "Joy Basket", by Hoodie. Some of them are large polka dots, but there are some that are more oblong, kind of like eggs, and some that are like an outline of a dot. I can see why she would call all these beautiful fabrics "Joy Basket." They bring me a lot of joy when I look at them and think of all the fun things I will be able to make with them. I started thinking about all the other "polka dots" that I've had in my life that have made me happy.

I love the way she wrote. 

When I was a little girl, I loved the dress had white dots on cherry red.
I believe my mother made it.
I was very happy whenever I wore the dress.
It had puff sleeves and round collars.

My Japanese friend's call Marble chocolate for my Candy Dots.
Marble chocolate is looks like m&m.
Chocolate box shape was like telescope. When we opened the cap, it made sound "PON"
There was small sticker of Atom (Astro boy) in the box. I collected them.
I wanted to see the sticker right way. I needed to take chocolates out from the box and put it them back carefully not to lose any chocolates.
I still remember the CM song.

Do you think I was thinking about my childhood when I made my candy dots?
I love my Candy Dots!!!!!

I collected polka dots dishes for a while. I realized I shouldn't collect them because they couldn't go anywhere in my kitchen.

I need more Dots in my life and make me happy..... really.


Bronwyn said...

I love your fabric collections - but I am finding it difficult to find online shops that sell them. I love your new joy basket range - but cannot find resellers. I have searched through Blank Quilting, but have not found any online sellers. Can you give any advice please? I live in Australia, but I shop for my fabric mostly through the web.

Hoodie said...

Thank you for your interesting. I'm getting requests of my fabrics more and more recently. I'm selling my fabrics from Hoodie's Collection, now.

Please contact

Best Regards,