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Monday, November 16, 2009

Music in Autumn!

Thank you for coming our show in Tokyo.
I got many reports from many friends every day.
It was a nice experience for us.
I was sad because I couldn't be there. However I felt I was with them.
It was my challenge to me using only my fabric collection. Actually it was difficult and gave me hard time.
I used some solid color wool fabrics and denims from my jeans, but I didn't use any other fabrics.
All my groups are blended well. I got more ideas. I will make more and they will be on sale @ in the box 2010 in US, @ Tail Tree in Japan.

Home page on Hoodie's Collection's site.Autumn, music We have many concerts in Autumn in Japan.
I'm sure here in US as well.
I prefer to listen Jazz in this season, Autumn.

So these designs are going to zazzal products. Binders, Cards, Mousepads, Mugs, and shoes, more.
Don't you think these designs should be on fabrics, too?

By the way, I went to see "This is it!" at the theatre with my son, finally.
I heard teenagers don't want to go to movies with their parents, is this true?

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