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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rome wasn't built in a day!

"I'm in the learning process of the digital world!"

I designed and created my own website using Photoshop.
Then a professional web designer transferred my artwork on the cords and maintained my website for four years.
technical improving on my website were getting more work than our payment arrangement according to my previous web designer in fall last year .
  • The monthly charge will be increased double.
  • There is no monthly charge. It will be an hourly charge for each project.
  • Finding new person who can offer a better price than him.
  • I'm going to taking care of my website myself.
Time has come!
I was going to spend my money and time for my education.
So I'm taking Web design classes since the Chinese New Year began.

I started a new life again.
It is nice to be a student.

I'm taking Dreamweaver classes every Wednesday and two HTML weekend classes in this springs semester.

So far, my HTML weekend classes were done by last weekend.
At least I'm understanding these new language in my site.
Just like when I started understanding the conversations in English many years ago.
My Dreamweaver
classes are still going until April.
According to my
Dreamweaver teacher,
"You have to remake your site!!"
and I want to do that, so here I am!

Learning process is not easy but it is great challenge for next step in my life.
My life had changed in many ways in the past couple of years.

I'm learning, learning and learning.
I'm still in the learning process in my life.
... I'm overwhelmed
truly in this moment.

I haven't changed my home page on my website yet.
There is New Year's image still.


--- I just need a time more than one day!---

When you go to my website, my home page or other pages will be updated.
Please, congratulate me.
I could clear my first step in my digital world.

Apologies : My two new patterns are delay than I announced last year.
We are still in the process of test sewing and fixing instructions.
They are coming with the new Spring breeze!

News : I published new cute products on "Hoodie's Patch"

Hana Kats Mug mug

Cards, Postage, Shoes, Apron and Magnet in "Hana Kats" group
on my Patch.

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belinha said...

Hello there!I saw your products on Zazzle and decided to drop by your blog!It's great that you are learning HTML and webdesign.I started learning graphic design two years ago.( I do not want to get into web stuff!!)Know I know how to use a lot of programs and I am still learning everyday!The more we know the more we want to know!Then there's a time when everythings runs easy and we feel so rewarded.Congrats!And keep on!