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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To start things, which means a plan is important!

Koshogatsu, ( JAN 15th)
little New Year, started with the first full moon of the year and was also referred to as the second New Year.

Since The New Year began, I have been busy to creating new my fabric group that is for July release.
I bought my new group at Blank Quilting New York office, then I got this magazine "Quilt". (Issue of February / March 2009 #97)
The "Quilt" magazine introduced two designs, two colorways from my Morning Call Group.

I created The Morning Call Group during 2007 - 08 holiday season.
I went to Japan for the first year for the ceremony for my mother's death.
I came back to US around the Chinese New Year (It was FEB 7th).
Then my Morning Call Group had the chance to be on the fabrics. (It was released July 2008)
That happening was a nice start of New Year in 2008.
Now I have seen my designs in a magazine a year after, in 2009.

It is my pleasure that I've been seeing my passed creation in the market in my life.

New Year's day is a big day for the Japanese because a Japanese proverb says,

Here is direct translation from Japanese to English,
" A total of one year in the New Year's Day"
"New Year's Day is the key to the year"

This meant is,
"To start things, which means a plan that is important."

I have all of the year's plans, booked and set in my mind, ready for 2009.

Here the US, it is called "New Year's resolution" that is a closer meaning of this Japanese proverb.

I write my resolution on my birthday every year that is coming soon.

I believe a miracle will be created by my attitude and way of thinking.

The Chinese New Year (Year of OX) will start on January 26th around my birthday.
I will talk about my OX on my New Year's card. Resolution will be in the next post.

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