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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New looking Triangle bags! Be loved vintage fabrics!

Oh, my! It's already Thanksgiving!
We couldn't get a nice fall this year in my area. I feel it has jumped from summer to winter.
We already got snow a couple of days ago. Where did my favorite fall go? Sad!

My son and I love winter. We can't wait to go to the mountain for skiing and snowboarding.

Here are new looking Triangle bags.
Finally I took pictures of them. I will post my new looking bags and Aprons day by day.

It is made with vintage bark cloth and home deco reversible fabrics.
Dots fabric is reversible. (Black dots on beige, beige dots on black)
I love these fabrics for bags. They are strong and keep the shape.

It is made with vintage bark cloth and canvas type fabrics that is a little lighter weight than bark cloth.
I hung one of fabrics in my booth at the Quilt show in Houston.
I love this design so much.

I know everybody is cooking today! Yum!
It is our first time eating out, not cooking for Thanksgiving.
We are going to my son's "Thanksgiving Ice Hockey Tournament" next day.
Fun, fun , fun for my son! and me?

Happy Thanksgiving and have a nice holiday weekend!

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