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Friday, July 2, 2010

Sale, Triangle Bag!

Good news - Triangle bag is selling at Hoodie in the box.
One of Hoodie's Goodies.
Sample Sale - 58.00
Combination of Hoop Dots and Play-Loop Dots / Black and Red
I have been using this bag for three years now. I love this bag because of hidden pockets. I put keys and eyeglasses or sunglasses. I can feel they are in the pockets, and people don't know there are pockets, so it is truly secure. I put my wallet in main bag. This bag fit letter side of documents and notebook. It is stylish and practical.
The Craft Lounge is carrying this item, too. There is Brown color in this moment. (I just brought them yesterday to the store.)


Gabi Salgueiro said...

Could you tell me where can I find the RED Hoop Dots fabric?

Hoodie Crescent said...

Hi Gabi,
You can purchase Hoop Dots/Red from me.
7.50 per yard.