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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Loving cats!

Don't take pictures!
They shouted at me, but I can't stop loving this cat!
Chef cat, Witch and Kaminari (Thunder)-kozo (A boy)Great Black cat.
Great white cat.
I love my friend cat "Taikan" He is getting friendly to me.This is Taeko's new year's card in 2009.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Wool matirials are Cool and Hot!

Wool materials were so Cool and Hot at the market.I bought a kit for this bag.
I'm going to make it!
I like stitches accents that makes cuter.

This store had very cute bags and nice wool fabrics. (Kit)
I wanted to get all but I couldn't buy because I already got one fro others. (First picture)
There were so many attractive materials, styles and accessories at all over the festival.
It was so many choices. It was dangerous for my purse.
This bag was at Nakajima Inc.'s booth, it was used my cotton fabric for inner.
It is interesting combination of different type materials together.
"Candy Dots" Col/Brown from Cutie Pie and Rumba Group.
This Dots design is in Joy Basket -Hoodie's standard Collection
that will be released with more colorways on May, 2010.
It wasn't clear picture, sorry!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

It was special compliments.

Bag Quilt Category at the Festival

I stopped in front of this bag and said,
"She used my fabric."
This is called "Play-loop Dots" Col/ Midnight from Morning Call Group.
This is in "Rumba" Group as well.
Then I made one step to the left. Another artist used my fabric, too.
This is called "Spot Dots" Col/ Chestnut.
This colorway is Discontinued right now.
from Morning Call Group.
Then I made an another step to the left.
There was very cute and interesting looking bag.
Look at inside of the bag!!!
Another artist used my fabric, too.
This is called "Egg Dots" Col/ Black.
This colorway is discontinued right now.

"Play-loop Dots" "Spot Dots" "Egg Dots"are going to in "Hoodie's Joy Basket"
and adding new colorways. All discontinued colorways will be back!
Joy Basket is Hoodie's Standard Collection.
All designs and colorways are matched with any of my groups well.
Joy Basket is coming on May 2010.

It was special compliments
my fabrics in these gorgeous artwork!

Laminated Morning Call Fabrics at Tokyo Dome.

Laminated fabrics are Hot at Japanese market!
It is pretty thick and soft.
Here is my Kettle Rattle / Aqua laminated fabric. (First ppicture)
I hesitated to buy it because it was mine first day at the festival.
Do I have to pay for my fabric???
I changed my mind because it is going to discontinued fabric and it is laminated fabric, I don't have it. When I went back to the booth, ididn't find mine any more. No more Aqua!! Zeeee
A lady was holding yellow colorway of it.
She put it down, then I grabbed it because it was last sheet at there.
I don't know this is a good story or not! haha.
This is thick and soft. It seems good to be a summer bag, a dipper bag, a tablecloth and more.
I haven't decided what I'm going to make yet.
The company, Kumagaya Shouji is selling three coloways of my Kettle Rattle and some of Blank Quilting fabrics.
Country Quilt Market was hanging two my fabrics.
It was my artwok from 10 years ago. It was still at the market.
Each Artwork is bringing me back to the memories of my passed life.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Great meeting at the Tokyo Dome.

I found the store "Early's Print" on the magazine ten years ago because my designs (fabrics) were on her AD.
It was my first time I sew my designs on the Japanese magazine after I moved to US.
I was designing for Michael Miller Fabrics. It was very early time when Michael Miller Fabrics was established (1999).
I met the owner, Ms. Tsuchiya at the Houston show once.
Three years later (2003), I went back to my country finally since 1994.
I visited some major cotton stores in Tokyo getting to know Japanese quilt market.
I met her again.

She bought my designs (fabrics) again after I moved to Blank Quilting (2008) without knowing they were my designs. Great discovering by her taste again!
These my fabrics became Ms. Tsuchiya's bags and hanging at the show.

I've never seen my "Casting Cats" group in Japan.
Look! Great bag! I love it.
She has great bag patterns, check them out!
Everybody loves Morning Call designs!
She sells Kit of it. Click the picture below.
Even she cut motifs from Morning Call Fabric and put on the flag!It was great meeting with her again.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Tokyo Dome Show!

I was in Tokyo from 20th to 24th. I attended at the Festival from 21st to 23rd. (Last three days)
It was beautiful days during my staying in Osaka and Tokyo. It was very lucky!!!!
Look at beautiful sky on 23rd.
Can you tell, it is big show?
I couldn't walk in the aisles because it was so crowded.
250,000 people are coming in nine days for the Festival every year even during the bad economy!
This is some kind of the show.
I saw many people from Europe and Australia.
This was the booth "Nakajima Inc. They sold my Apron Kit.
It was very successful business at the show. Great news!
Many stores will carry this kit!
This was best seller combination at the show.
Sold out! Thank you!
Cute stuffed animal was by the apron.
Two other combination sold well, too.
I got many requests from customers and I got many ideas as well.
I feel I have so many homework!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2010

I will be in Japan from January 16th to 24th. I will be at Tokyo Dome 21st, 22nd, and 23rd!
I need to be my town in Osaka for a couple of days and move to Tokyo.

My Besides Half Apron Kits are selling by Nakajima Inc.
at Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival .
I'm so excited to be there.

I'm going to report about the market!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Rumba" New Fabric group is released!

Now, each design has a name!
#5864 The Ballroom Tweet Col/Ivory
Top #5864 The Rumba Dance Col/Black
Bottom left #5287 Egg Dots from Morning Call New color Red
Bottom right/Top #5296 Circle-line Dots Col/Cocoa
Bottomright/Bottom #5289 Play-loop Dots Col/Midnight
Top left #5866 Step-in-seed Col/Cream
Top right #5707 Candy Dots Col/Brown from Cutie Pie
Bottome left #5705 Fringe Daisy Col/ Orange
Bottom right #5866 Step-in-seed Col/Black from Cutie Pie
There are great love cards on Hoodie's Patch
using new group "Rumba" designs.
There are postages, Mugs, T-shirts and Greeting Cards.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cutie Pie group - Kimono style Dress!

How cute!
By Ginnie Isaacson.
If you have any question of it.
Please contact

Morning Call Group + Cutie pie / Reversible Skirt Apron.

The apron is something my daughter & I did for a Christmas present for her mother-in-law; By Ginnie Isaacson
Nice to have these pictures of them.
Unfortunately, Kettle design (Col/Egg) and Sweet Garden design (Col/Apple) are discontinued in this moment! No more fabrics.
If you want to have these fabrics, please let your reps. or Blank Quilting /Renee (914) 478-7900 to know about it!

This Skirt Apron will be manufacturing in 2010. It will be one side apron, not reversible.
If you want to have reversible apron, keep making by yourself from my pattern.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions!

Today is the day, I decide my New Year's Resolutions!
What is yours?