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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Facebook - Hoodie's Goodies

Since Japan had started selling Hoodie's Goodies after the earthquake and Tsunami.
I had been working hard to back up for them.

I asked "Will we do our plans for Hoodie's Goodies?"
Tail Tree's owner said, "Are you kidding?"
"No one stop working. Everybody is working! We have to keep going."

I couldn't believe to hear the strong words.
I believe we will make it!

My friend who own a small restaurant (Izaka-ya) in Sendai. (Tsunami area) He reopened his Izaka-ya last week.
I read his business blog.
It seemed his family needed to move to the new place. He wants to open his Izaka-ya even he overworks. He has no choice to start in limited menu. He put some pictures of customers. They looked happy at the moment with drink! I feel strong energy.

We all (NY area) remember 9.11 2001. We were strong too.
I worked, I drew a design "Patriotic Pal" for Michael Miller Fabrics. (I guess, this is a name for that design. Same feeling with "I think, I can" or Cowpokes and Cowgirls.)

We (Japan and US) are preparing Hoodie's aprons for "Mother's day"

I made Blog/Catalog Hoodie's Goodies
Now, Hoodie's Goodies is on Facebook.
Next is Twitter and then Website.
Keep going!

Visit Hoodie's Goodies is on Facebook and clik "Like"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Aprons, More fun!

I have been busy to putting all aprons on my new blog "Hoodie's Goodies"
They are selling now.

I just sent these Carpenter Kid Apron and Cafe Apron for adults a week ago to Japan. They are selling them already. People are buying already. Wow. I have to catch up in US market. I haven't listed them in my store yet. They will be there after Easter. These are Great gifts for Mother's day!

Check it out!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tutorial - Pincushon Ring

You can get Tutorial for Hoodie's.
Why don't you check it and make it!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hoodie's Pincushion

I made one more blog.
Yes, it is more work.

I have my sewing page on facebook.
I supposed making projects and introducing my fabrics combination.
But........I couldn't make enough projects.

I have many ideas in my mind.
This is a waste not to make them.

I joined the quilt's contest three times in two years.
It was a great experience. I discovered my creativity.
More creations, more challenge! That all I need!

"My Pincushion Ring Instructions" on my Pincushion blog. @ The page of tutorial.
I'm going to make projects for a fat quarter bundle and kit.
Instructions will be PDF file or Tutorial on my blog .

Facebook Pincushion - Let communicate your and my creativity.
I hope we can exchange our vibes!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hoodie's Goodies - started to sell in Japan.

Japanese store, Tail Tree is selling Hoodie's Goodies now.
Hoodie started Hoodie's Goodies Blog.
I'm going to introduce Goodie's Products.

What is different from other aprons?
---- I designed them practical use besides cute. Each apron is thoroughly finished. 

---- I consider the Apron's shape to keep neat after many washed.

---- Bias tapes are made by Hoodie's Fabrics that are all around Aprons.
The bias tape is wider than regular bias tape 5/8". It is richer and cuter.

---- Half Apron's ties are long and tie in front.

---- Pockets are big and keep your necessary stuff with you during your house work.

Some of the products will be @ Hoodie in the box includes ETSY's.
Some of the aprons are selling @ The Craft Lounge.
  • Circular Apron
  • Annabel Mom's Apron
  • Annabel Kid's Apron
  • Cafe Apron
  • Carpenter Kid's Apron
Hoodie's Goodies Aprons, wholesale price is available.
Contact Hoodie.

Welcome for international customers!
More aprons will post on Hoodie's Goodie's Blog.

Please free ti ask my fabrics, i sell them, if i have it.
Domestic - 8.50
International - 7.50

Veggie Patch on Cafe Apron and Carpenter Kid's Apron!