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Saturday, July 24, 2010

My favorite notebook!

I love two types of notebooks. I have been using them years and years. These are Hoodie's composition notebooks.These are Hoodie's memo book. 3.5"x5'.

I put my designs on it. Printed on recycle paper.
It is same print process with my Note Cards. Post on April 1st.
White Dots on black on Composition book is my fabric.

We are selling well at the store - The Craft Lounge.
Hoodie's composition notebook 12.00 Hoodie's Memo book 8.00
These are very special!

I'm making different combination of my paper and fabrics.

I used to write my novel and poems on this notebook.
I do put everything on computer now.
Since I make this notebook, I love to write again.
It is not bad habit to write!

They will be at Hoodie in the box soon!
Do you like them?

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