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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kick off your heels!

 I planned to make my high heels when I got an invitation of "Kick off your heels"
from Sue Bleiweiss and Jamie Fingal last year November 26th.
I bought my high-heels around Christmas time.
It was cute already!
Here is mine.
I finished it on April 5th. (Extended deadline)

My plan (paint and beads) wasn't helped my creativity for a long time.
I painted inside and back with white paint. I prepared many beads by my desk,
Ugly looking high heels were sitting on the coffee table for a long time.
A week before April 5th, I totally moved different direction!
It worked with my creativity. I satisfied and smiled, finally.

Hope it helps women's life (Includes me :)!!!! God bless you! Love,

What is Kick Off Your Heels all about?
When Sue Bleiweiss and Jamie Fingal found out that more women die each year in the US from cardiovascular disease than all cancers combined they decided it was time to put together a project to help raise awareness of that horrifying statistic.