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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Casting Cat Group is on sale @ Spoonflower. New colorways and coordinates.

How cool this group!
If you remember my previous print. This group is totally different looking.

All groups are coordinating each other. So you can use other group's designs with Casting Cat.
Especially, Dot and Check designs!
Oops. I realized I can't have strip designs. OK. I'm going to make them!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Fever Group is on sale @ Spoonflower. New colorways and coordinates.

I tell you! This group is pretty good esult on Spoonflower fabric. These colors are perfect for their printer.

Again, I can't wait to use them for my projects.

Nice spring is here. Sunny days, not many rains. Lovely. Happy thoughts in renew life!

Sparkling Paris Group is on sale @ Spoonflower. New colorways and coordinates.

I like new Sparkling Paris too. The coordinates are cute too.
I can't wait to make small projects with them.

I got a question @ Hoodie's Collection Facebook. Hope it helps!

Is she reprinting these with a different company?

My discontinued designs for Blank Quilting are available on Spoonflower. I'm getting many requests of my fabrics from individual customers. Even I can't get my design fabrics once the company runs out.
Spoonflower can print individual quantity. Besides, customer can choose 10 or more different fabrics (Silk, Canvas, Knit, Linen, Cotton, more), and you can customize size of design.
Their digital prints are not like screen print. Colors are different with screen print.
Spoonflower's fabric is an option for Hoodie's design Lover! It is a same concept with my Zazzle products. Please enjoy them!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cutie Pie Group on sale @ Spoonflower. New colorways!

Some designs are completely different colorways.
Mod flower design is bigger scale than previous print. Red, Brown, Black ground is very hard to compromise, but they get better in second strike-off. Gingham check designs that go with Cutie pie is held still. They might join in this group later.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rumba Group is on sale @ Spoonflower. New colorways and coordinates.

Spring version of Rumba!
One more designs go with this group. The design is in Bird body.
I haven't ordered strike-off yet. Two colorways.

My basics (Check and Dot) goes any groups.
They are coming soon on spoonflower soon.
New colors for my Hoop dot. I love Orange and Lime color.
I really like Step 'n Seed's New colorways.
This Rumba group for timely for SPRING.

Spring had come a month earlier than usual.
My Magnolias are almost blossom.

Well, Well, It is nice, but we still chasing show for skiing.
We are going to drive to North around EASTER!!!!

I got test prints (Strike-off) in 12 days.
Three groups are standing by for Strike-off. 30 designs are going to re-strike-off.
One design was dropped.
I think it is pretty good for first time experience with Spoonflower!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I got Strike-Off from Spoonflower, today! Morning Call group was approved.

I was excited to open the package from Spoonflower.
Two groups (Morning Call and Rumba group) are approved first strike-off among 7 groups. (15 designs each)
This is pretty good!

Morning Call group was approved. They are on sale.
Some of designs in the group needs to change color or scale.
Black is weak, Red or brown need to choose darker color than looks on computer images.
May not choose closer colors. Need contrast.

Over all, they were close to my image.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Good News, 100 designs on Spoonflower!

Hello everybody,
It is a good news!!!!
I just uploaded 100 designs + more on Spoonflower site.

My shop name is,You can search "Hoodie Crescent" by Designer on spoonflower.
My previous designs for Blank Quilting (Most of them are discontinued) are reborn.
Some of the designs are same combination. Most of them are refreshed.
New color coordination!!!!

They are not selling yet. I just order swatches. I need to check colors and repeat.
We call it = Strike-offs. I can't wait they will come.
However you can check my shop.

A Digital World is giving freedom for creations to everybody. It is amazing.
I haven't put new designs for a while (Two years?) on my Zazzle store, "Hoodie's Patch"
Even though, I'm getting customers! I'm selling my stuff once a while.
I suggested wedding gifts by Zazzle (Order-made original gifts) to Japanese magazine that was looking for something "NEW" for their article 4 years ago when my Medetai was released.
The medetai motifs were great match as wedding gifts.
It was too earlier to introduced it to Japan. Zazzle was still in USA and UK.
It was so complicated for ordering and costs of shipping.
Now days, Zazzle has been in Japan, so anyone can order in Japan and get them from USA very quick and reasonable shipping fee, too.

Again, I say, "Amazing!" The world gets smaller.

4 years ago, I was looking for digital prints on fabrics. It wasn't easy like Spoonflower.!

I had made my target 100 designs on Spoonflower.
It wasn't difficult at all. I'm enjoying new groups from my previous groups!!!
Click each title, you see the designs. Hoodie's Fabric designs are coordinated even from different groups.

You have choices for,

  • Fabrics ( Organic Cotton sateen, Organic Cotton knit, Linen-cotton Canvas, Upholstery weight cotton twill, cotton silk cotton voile, Kona cotton, more ...)
  • Size of designs (You can adjust the size of images)

I see the colors, the colors are not brighter than screen print.

Please, don't disappoint when you put it with my reglar fabrics.

It is a different process for printing.
So that, I re-coordinated new colors for Spoonflower's.
It is expensive for per yard. However you can get 10 or more different fabrics. (I'm interested Linen-cotton Canvas, Organic Cotton knit!!!!!!)
I'm planning to make free small projects idea using my fabrics.

Coming groups from previous groups
  • Lovely Morning + Dottie Mushroom and Coordinates
  • Three Dots group
  • Veggie Patch and coordinates
  • Natureland
After I put previous groups, I want to try my designs for their contests.
It is a good challenge always.

I'm going to put more designs on Hoodie's Patch's products soon. Hope!