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Friday, December 31, 2010

A Happy New Year, 2011!

A Very Wonderful and Bright New Year!10:00 am December 31st in NJ.
Japan was into 2011 already.
Europe is next.
We still have half day into 2011. I can't wait smiley bunny is coming.
We are expecting a nice happen for coming new year,
let create one new thing every day in 2011.
Love & Hugs,

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Christmas Story.

This is a tree at Bryant Park. I supposed to post it before Christmas, but I didn't.
My Christmas Eve,

I supposed to go to The Craft Lounge. Then I supposed to get a box from Sue's house for Nancy, two packs of meatball from IKEA for our Christmas Eve party at Lisa's and cakes from our favorite bakery in our neighbors town for Christmas party on the actual day 25th at Pam's.
I couldn't do any of my duties.


My dog, Chowder ran away. My son opened our garage when Chowder was there.
He didn't come home for three hours!
When I called him or chased him, he ran away more.
He looked at me and ran the other way. He come home by himself usually in an hour.
He was in my yard, but he didn't come to the door. He sat at drive way, but he didn't come to the door.
My son and I tried to capture him with his favorite treat several times.
Whenever he looked us, he ran the other way.

He loves the game always when he gets out.

It was longest hours! Three hours.
Our neighbors came out for walking their dogs.
Chowder showed and played with the neighbor's dogs.
We captured Chowder, finally.

It was 4:00 pm.
Our party will start 5:30 pm. We needed to drive an hour to get there.
We needed to leave.

Chowder ran away a week ago at mid night. We came back from my son's ice hockey game and opened the garage door.
Chowder ran away!
I tried to catch him and tripped and fall on the drive way.
I injured on my face, fingers and knees.
I'm still looked awful.

Our garage door was broken for two years. I finally replaced new garage door.
We are not get used to deal with my dog and new garage door!

Next day, on Christmas day. I waked up 7:00 am and went to our favorite bakery.
Our American family loves this bakery's cake!!!!
Of course, bakery was closed. Super Markets were closed!

Town was so quiet!

But Korean bakery was opened. There was expensive beautiful Christmas cakes.
I wasn't sure my American family like the taste of Asian Cake.

I was thinking, I was thinking,
I decided to go to my favorite diner that make best Strawberry short cake.
It was so empty on my way. BUT, Diner was packed, I never know Americans go to Diner on Christmas day morning.

They could sell their cheese cake for me. It was huge!!!!!
I couldn't buy other cakes because they baked on their plates.
I got two piece of strawberry cakes as well.
We all said Merry Christmas at the diner at early morning.

I decided to bring my favorite Japanese cream puff, too.
They gave me a free cream puff to me.
9:00 am, I said "Merry Christmas!" with many people and I got a present already.

I came back home and waked up my son. I was very happy to tell him what I got already!
He was happy to eat a strawberry short cake!!!
We started watching "The Christmas Story" as our traditional Christmas day!
Then we opened our presents.
My son baked Cinnamon roll for his cousin! Then we went to our American sister's house.

All American love Diner Cake. So am I!!!
I got a wonderful Christmas and my favorite cakes!

P.S. I forgot taking pictures of cakes. Geeee! All gone!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Annabel Kid's Apron @ the stores.

Kid's Annabel Apron (2 - 7 year old) by Hoodie's Goodies.
$32.00 in the pouch. (Name tag)

This fabric (Fringe Daisy - Pink and Orange) was discontinued by Blank Quilting.
We have 8 aprons for pink, four for Orange version -Bias Tape/Spin Jam - Aqua!
• @ Tail Tree in Japan,
• @ The Craft Lounge.
• @ J-Wave Bryant Park.
• @ Hoodie in the box after season sale is over.
If you are interesting to buy before Christmas.
Please contact

  • Precious Garden Aprons/ Green and Pink
  • Lovely Morning / Ivory, Blue, Purple
Hoodie in the box
Season Sale - All 30% off.