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Thursday, April 29, 2010

New released fabrics for Spring! Lovely Morning and Dottie Mushroom.

It has been busy. Always!
Then I have stories good and bad. Always!

I'm waiting my new fabrics arrive, still.
It was delayed to print because I couldn't approve colors.
So I still don't have them. It is not good heading to Quilt Market.
I don't have enough time to create Hoodie's Goodies!!!!!
However Fat Quarter Shop bought them already! Thanks!
They don't have a name of Hoodie or Blank Quilting on their Home Page.
I don't know how people will know they have my new line?
They are not available yet, but they are coming soon!

Lovely Morning and Dotty Mushroom.
3 colorway each.
Another group is called "Joy Basket"
This group is Hoodie's standard line that could coordinate with any Hoodie's Fabrics.
  • Hoop Dots, Play-Loop Dots, Spot Dots, Egg Dots from Morning Call Group and more colorways.
  • Cheer Wheel from Sparkling Paris, New colorways / Black and Brown.
  • Candy Dots from Cutie Pie New colorways / Black, Green, Purple and Cream.
  • Diamond Check from Sparkling Paris / New colorways Cream.
  • New design - Spin Jam / Black, Cream, Red, Aqua and Yellow.
Now Blank Quilting put the name for each my design.
I will post images of Joy Basket fabrics once I get the samples.
Unfortunately Fat Quartet Ship haven't carried any of them.
Joy Basket fabrics are great coordinated fabrics with Lovely Morning and Dotty Mushroom.
I will introduce the combination of them at the Quilt Market.

I'm finishing up new fabric designs for Fall Market while I'm waiting my fabrics arrive.
I love them!
Once I get new fabrics I'm going to make Hoodie's Goodies for the Quilt Market in Minneapolis.
Sounds busy, right?

I was introduced on Mira Best. Check it out!
My Medetai Group at SeamStar shop in UK. Check it out!
Thank you for links!

Monday, April 5, 2010

We are sold! - special order!

We decided to sell these stuffed animals at the my exhibition as special order.
I'm going to make same one. It won't be same, but it will be close enough!
Custom made stuffed animal 55.00 
Ref. from Hoodie's Pincushion
I have two sewing rooms. Mainly I work my sewing room at the basement because all my fabrics are stored in the basement. Besides there is huge work table. (Actually it is ping pong table)
I don't care the mess at the basement. I can escape to upstairs and leave the mess.

It has been a nice spring day in a couple of days. I don't want to be in the basement!
So I'm going to work at upstairs sewing room. I brought the sewing machine today.
I have so many sewing projects!
I'm going to sell my sewing projects in my store more in this year!
If you are interesting to purchase my stuff animals, please contact.
I will put them regular sell items in my store "Hoodie in the box"

I can see all greens in my back yard from this room. You see the picture "Hoodie's in the box"
My landscaping guys did cut many small trees, cleaned last years leaves and took old fences.
My back yard looks empty and big without trees and the fence.
I see the ground now, but it will be covered by greens soon.
My big turning point was mostly in this time. Just like I became the mother on April 13th 15 years ago. Around Easter time.
It was blooming Magnolia time! I had Magnolia in my front yard.I saw my Magnolia from the distance and realized it is pretty tall now. Just like my son!
I feel very good in many ways! Take my breathe and work.
Apology - It seems my website wasn't worked right way because I put more pages on "Door to Stationery", then I forgot to change links from other pages. Ooops! I'm not a professional web designer. :) Sorry!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

HappyEgg hunting
on Easter day!
Love from Crazy bunny.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

101st post here. lets move on!

I realized that the last post was my 100th post. WoW!
It is something good before Easter. I decided this year is going to be my cleansing year in many ways.
Lets put my passed work into the New and then I'm going to create new and new deigns, more and more.

I used to paint on paper . Now I draw on the paper and finish it on the computer.
I needed to hand my original textile work to the mill (Printers), so I couldn't keep the original work.
So I loved the illustration work more than textile work because the publishers returned my artwork after they used.
It was lucky for "Michelle meow" original artwork that was scanned in my file.
I dreamed about wearing high heels since I saw the movie "La ragazza di Bube" when I was a little girl.
(France and Italy 1963/ Director Luigi Comencini Cast: Claudia Cardnale/ George Chakiris )Claudia was most beautiful and attractive woman to me.
She asked George to buy high heels in the movie.
I thought, "When I will be her age, I'm going to wear the high heels like her."
I dreamed about being an attractive woman who wears the high heels.I passed her age long time ago and I'm not wearing high heels. I'm still wearing flat shoes. :)
I realized that I'm a flat shoes girl long time ago, but I'm still dreaming about high heels.
I gave my high heels to my cats who were in Paris where I love to be.All cats are in the frame 5x5 $25

Sparkling Paris on note card Set of 8 $24
I did this artwork for Blank Quilting 2009 after my Paris trip!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

New! Hoodie's fabric designs on Note cards. See the Collection!

from "Casting Cats" group

They are looks familiar. Of course, they are already in the market on the cotton fabrics.
Selected designs from Hoodie's Fabric are re-colored and re-sized on recycled paper. They are unique Note card.
They are on the Hoodie in the box shop already.
Play-Loop Dots and Swim Together are four colorways (Two each) - Set of 8 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 A2 Brown bag envelopes in clear box. $24

from "Morning Call" and "Rumba" Group
"Joy Basket" will be released on May that is Hoodie's Standard Collection
Play-loop Dots 4 colorways / Black, Red, Brown, Cream(Dots/Red)

If you need duplicate cards, create your own words, such as invitations or Thank you notes in 4 x 5 1/4,
print on sticker papers or Labels, then put on the back of the card.

More Collection will be posted tomorrow!