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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Annabel Kid's Apron @ the stores.

Kid's Annabel Apron (2 - 7 year old) by Hoodie's Goodies.
$32.00 in the pouch. (Name tag)

This fabric (Fringe Daisy - Pink and Orange) was discontinued by Blank Quilting.
We have 8 aprons for pink, four for Orange version -Bias Tape/Spin Jam - Aqua!
• @ Tail Tree in Japan,
• @ The Craft Lounge.
• @ J-Wave Bryant Park.
• @ Hoodie in the box after season sale is over.
If you are interesting to buy before Christmas.
Please contact

  • Precious Garden Aprons/ Green and Pink
  • Lovely Morning / Ivory, Blue, Purple
Hoodie in the box
Season Sale - All 30% off.

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